Passing by the top of Mount Stupid on your learning curve?

Updated: May 5

I made this 2by2 model, where I want to map the progress in skill acquisition based on the Dreyfus model, which I will post below. Typically pattern in a learning curve is progressing from Novice to Expert with various degrees of confidence (low/high here) and the ability to adhere or break the rules (the x-axis). Only when you are truly proficient or even expert at something, you can flex the rules with high degree of confidence. On the way to that point, you may encounter Mount Stupid - which is terminology taken from the Dunning-Kruger model, also below.

Here are my two inspirational models 1) Dreyfus model back from 1980 2) The famous Dunning-Kruger effect with Mount Stupid and Valley of Despair terms coined

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